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This site is dedicated to anything and everything regarding batwing fairings. Whether you want information on reviews and comparisons or audio options and rider photos, this is the place to find it.

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A batwing fairing is a piece of hardware found on many motorcycles, either as a stock part or aftermarket.  Its two main functions are to divert wind and keep road debris from hitting the rider.  When cruising around the town a little wind blowing through your hair is usually enjoyable. Higher speeds and for prolonged periods, however, all that buffeting turns into a distraction and an unwanted upper body workout.  In addition to the wind protection a batwing fairing helps block road debris, which at the least is annoying and at the worst can be dangerous.  Another benefit of a batwing is the addition of style.  A fairing can add some great visual appeal and, with a great paint job front and center, will make a motorcycle memorable to any onlooker.

Fairings are typically made from ABS plastic or fiberglass, though the popularity of carbon fiber is increasing.  Additionally, batwing fairings are a great way to add modern technology to the open road by putting audio, GPS, and more at the rider’s fingertips.  Throw in a set of high quality speakers, bluetooth for your smart phone, and a matching custom paint job and you have all the comforts of luxury car without losing the thrill of two wheels.

Whatever your reason for wanting to add a batwing fairing, we have information that can help you make the wisest choice.